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  1. I'm about 100 hours into a PoTD playthrough with some Magran fire challenges turned on. I found I really don't like Woedica's challenge. I saw that I could disable a god challenge with a console command. SetGodChallengeEnabled (challengeID, state). where the challenge ID would be the name of the challenge, and state(0) would disable it and state(1) would enable it. I tested it and it worked for all the other challenges, I was able to disable and enable Abydon by entering "SetGodChallengeEnabled Abydon 0".. But it didn't workf or Woedica. Game gave me a text that said GodChalle
  2. I'm in Beta 1.1 right now and just got my fav armor Miscrent Leathers, but it seems to have been nerfed from -15% recovery to -10%. (it used to be a base of 20% - 15% resulting in 5% recovery only, now it is supposed to be 20-10 for 10% recover) However it seems to be bugged that the newly nerfed 10% reduction doesn't even apply to the base of 20%. So basically the armor is kinda crappy :/
  3. Oh weird that it didn't attach. I actually stopped playing after that and forgot about this post I made. I recently tried it again (both in official game and beta patch 1.1) Still no quicksave. very annoying
  4. Hi all, Just got the game and loving it so far. But I dont know how to solve this bug? When i press f8 for quicksave, it says "No Quicksaves Available" See attached screenshot. I'm not playing on trial of iron, where theres only 1 save, so not sure why this is happening
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