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  1. Hey. Sorry for the long lack of response. I tried to do as you wrote, but it did not bring the expected result. The game still doesn't see my saves.
  2. Yes, our problems are similar, but he has a problem compressing files when I have this problem can not be traced.
  3. The game does not see saves when they are present in the folder. In the first part this was not. Save deleted, then went into the game, went out, again moved to the folder, but the save did not appear. Sorry for errors I use a translator.
  4. Hey. Faced such problem in may, but technical support couldn't help me. The problem is this: "when I was traveling in the sea, I was thrown into the main menu. In this menu, the game interface was visible. (screenshot 1) I could not continue and start a new game. When I set all the necessary parameters in the new game, and press start, the game just hides all the dialogs, and shows the main menu without Windows. (2.3 screenshot)" Help me please.
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