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  1. Boo! 


    Seem like I missed on an interesting Poll.

    I'm a woman and have been gaming since....the atari. 

    I buy all my games from Steam. I own a pc and I play on it and don't have console (Unless you count my old SNES :P) . 

    I play RPG, Adventure, Strategy and sometimes hack'n slash games like Diablo serie.

    I also play MMO (Like Swtor, The Secret World, Star Trek online, GW2). 

    I don't do PVP cose too many sore losers in there.

    I love Magic the Gathering Arena online. Fun game. I also love others cards games, like Skip-Bo, Pazaak, YugiOh and black jack. 

    I don't think that RPG gamers hate Sport games. At least I know I don't. It just they are tailored often for console players. And on a pc +Mouse+Keyboard it's kinda hard. 

    (Yeah not putting a controller on mah pc, nope :P) .

    I hate sport in real life, but don't mind them as games. Like Fishing, Golf and Soccer. 

    I also like fighting games, from old Mortal Kombat to DBZ . 

    I own both Tyranny + Dlc and POE + Dlc. Loved both of them. 

    Free DLC isn't something that would make a decision for me if I buy X game. Story and Gender locking would make that decision for me. If the game is locked Dude Bro, then I pass. Why? Because I'm getting old, been playing since Atari and gave the gaming industry half of my life playing as a Dude Bro. Enough is enough. 

    I can play games with some dude Bro, but the story better be goddamn Good for that . 

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