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  1. That's about it, can't board the ship at Queen's Berth in Neketaka, and can't use the button Leave City "By Sea" because its greyed out. My guess its because of the angle the ship docked ? I don't know. Isn't there a command to board the ship ? Thanks a lot. Edit 1: Ok, so I did a little more troubleshooting using the Shift + T command. If I leave Neketaka "By land", and teleport to a shore with an anchor icon, I can board the ship again, but as soon as I get into a "City" that lets me "leave by sea" it stays grayed out, and If I get into the ship (The actual ship, like the Captain's Quarters, the deck etc) I can't return to the World Map. The only way I could fix it was by advancing through the main quest, until I have to choose a side to reach Ukaizo (Specifically supporting the Rautians when they bombard Queen's Berth, locking it away, killing the Queen of Neketaka) and as soon as they gave me the Submarine, I can leave it "By Sea" again. Hope this helps fixing it.
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