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  1. Attempted to spawn the NPC with the console command but the NPC still won't let me into the house. Not sure if something I did with the quest progression broke something but it basically went like this: -Got the quest from Pallegina and talked to Flaune(the animancer npc) to find out where Giacolo was -Found the body of the godlike in Delver's Row and did the soul reading interaction -Talked to the shopkeeper near the body about Giacolo -Went to The Hole and Giacolo's room -Talked to the Innkeeper about the godlike that I already found Then after this I've attempted to go to Dunnage but
  2. Thanks for this. Sucks that I have to miss out on the rest of the achievements for this run but that quest bugged out for me too.
  3. Think I encountered a bug with Pallegina's quest. I'm at the stage where I'm supposed to go to Dunnage but the I can't advance the quest past that point. Apparently there's supposed to be a house to find Giacolo but I can't enter a house in any of the locations there.
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