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  1. Hi


    I've accidentally commanded 2 party members to disarm trap and this caused both of them starting to disarm it simultaneously, both disarmed it successfully and for both actions I received the trap item in the inventory.



    When I tried this intentionally with all 5 party members standing around a trap this also worked like a charm - got 5 trap items from a single trap.

  2. I have the same issue and, sadly, it's a game ending bug for me. Since I want to choose the Huana for my end game faction, without being able to complete The Painted Mask and to get the tribe on our side, I can't progress. Any suggestions? 

    There is workaround allowing you to leave bugged Painted Mask quest as is.

    You should agree to side with RDC and then choose to refuse to help them, guys become hostile and you have to wipe out imperial command. After that queen becomes quite happy and her dialog ends sending you to Ukaizo without dealing with Wahaki.

  3. Dragon's Dowry arquebus is my first gun which deals damage to the wielder on attack(in accordance with description).

    This looks like reasonable tradeoff for powerful weapon.

    What I cannot understand is the enchantment which..umm..increases chance to get damage and increases this damage.


    What is this? And why would one want to spend resources on that?

  4. The same issue. It becomes even more irritating when the auto-center option is on.

    I've found some funny null ref exceptions in log :)


    Something also happened with the text in right bottom corner after switching language.




    Iatra(8454fb5f-8405-42bf-af47-b365c192ac1b) quicksave.zip

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