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  1. I found the cause of my missing gold, it would seem I overlooked that upgrading your armor costs a few thausand gold and thats where it went well sorry for wasting your peoples time. I guess this thread can be deleted now.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion but I already used the console to get it back. I really dont like to use the console but getting back the money I made from all the goodies from that old city under Neketaka was motivation enough.
  3. So by now I had two instances both in Neketaka were I lost a few thousand gold while I was not sure the first time it happend, now it happend again and I have two saves not even a day appart with suddenly 2k+ gold less in my inventory, without me buying anything! (and on top of it I got like 500 gold+ from quest givers in the meantime) I dont know what triggers it but here are my saves which are less than 1 day appart: well ok apparently I am not allowed to upload that kind of file..... anyway here are my specs and I hope this issue gets fixed (could it maybe not be an issue at all but some mechanic I overlooked or some sort of NPC that is stealing form me?) DxDiag.txt
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