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  1. Currently I cannot use firearms in my playthrough any longer, since any party member wielding one is caught infinitely reloading. I cannot get any of them to fire off a single round, as upon the start of combat they begin loading their rifle over and over, and continue that animation even out of combat. This all started after enchanting the pistols "thundercrack" and "Eccea's arcane blaster" and has persisted throughout my playthrough thus far. Saving and reloading hasn't fixed it, quitting out of the game hasn't either, and all other characters seem to be able to get off a single shot before suffering the same bug. Attached is a dropbox link to the earliest save I have shortly after acquiring and enchanting thundercrack and the arcane pistol. https://www.dropbox.com/s/28iuphluh7qda2f/PokoKohara.savegame?dl=0
  2. Description: During my play through so far, after leaving Port Maje I sailed around exploring, encountered Hasongo and departing on it briefly. After less than 30 seconds there and realizing it was an important story location, and I had yet to head to see the queen, I departed. Upon interacting with the palace, the cutscene then informed me I knew exactly what had happened at Hasongo, and that I knew exactly where Eothas was going after lighting an Adra lighthouse that I had in no way interacted with. Attached are two saved games nearest to the break, one is in the kingdom prior to going to the Serpent's Crown, and the other is the actual cutscene section in the crown. Investigating Hasongo will show I have yet to clear any of it prior to this. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0cohda0uaj5jk6/Sequence%20Breaks.zip?dl=0
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