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  1. *laughs*

    good point. ;)

  2. 2 days away from each other....but I'm a Dragon so I'd say quite a few years apart in that respect *grins*

    Yep, lots of profile views, Dragons attract attention I guess ;)

  3. hey! our birthdays are two days away from each other! neat...

    wow! you have a lot of profile views!

  4. if i have time, i'll try to look into those. =)

  5. I have the books on tape, yes. However I have found that Anne McCaffery and 'Dragons of Pern' series are my favorite, with "The Last DragonLord" series by Joanne Bertin coming a close second.

  6. do you like eragon? that's some of the best dragon literature i've ever found. how about you?

  7. Thanks for another smashing update Rob, you know we were all going into horrid withdrawal waiting for you to hit that enter key! *Grins*
  8. Excellent update, great news about the Community Reps for the French community, and for the rest of us over here once things start rolling. Looking forward to next weeks update!
  9. Romance, now that will make a gazillion people happy! *grins* Not me though, I'm an old grump and say romance has no place in a RPG -so there (But I will still uphold your right to add it into the game to any who try to use your stickmans flamer on you ) I'm still trying to figure out how your stickmen have so much expression...it must be the text that goes with it. I always was awful at riddles Thanks for the fun reading !
  10. The link to robinsonworkshop leads to a dead page, it should be this: http://www.robinsonworkshop.com/phpBB2/ You may all go and drool
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