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  1. Yes, now it worked here as well. (The depot has been added to more packages, as expected.) Thanks!
  2. You should be able to tell that from the package list associated with app 291650. Once again, your package should be highlighted. The dependencies are a bit messy, so it's not easy to predict what anyone gets too see when following the various links. It would still be interesting to hear of someone who has actually succeeded in installing the DLC through Steam ... Thanks for the feedback so far!
  3. It would seem that whether or not the DLC works depends on which edition of PoE 1 you got and how you obtained it (i.e. which Steam subscription you own). Judging from the information on SteamDB I currently suspect that the depot association for the Gaun's Pledge DLC is misconfigured and thus not available for owners of all of the various PoE 1 subscriptions in existence. As an example: I own the regular Royal Edition, package #61328. This package contains the Gaun's Plege DLC app #851470. However, the package does not contain the depot #812231, which contains the actual DLC file. I gu
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