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  1. Ah, didn't know that. Will have to look up what this mysterious third crown consists of. Thanks.
  2. I love making characters more than anything else, so playing one character just doesn't scratch the itch. I wish we could still take 6!
  3. Thanks for the replies, everyone. A bit bummed as I can't even play that party any longer, lol, had I known I would have tried some of the boss battles I skipped to just get it done. Oh well, guess that means another play through is in order, as if I needed an excuse.
  4. So, I finally beat the game on Trial of Iron, PotD and it was a bit underwhelming, perhaps I missed something? If so, let me know! It took me several tries so I was pretty pumped when I finally did it and nothing seemed to come of it, I searched the interwebs for some sort of achievement I perhaps missed but I didn't see anything. Regardless, I love the game and thanks to this community for giving so many awesome ideas, character builds, strategies and positive information on different ways to enjoy the game. I was just hoping there'd be something for beating the game on one of the hardest difficulty settings. Thanks!
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