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  1. So well, here we are - I deceided to pre-order PoE II and now 1month later on the 2nd actual release try i am still not playing, and untill it´s maybe downloaded finally it will be the start of another work week for me (yes my work week starts at wednesday). You know, i deceided to prte-order mostly to support you guys, as i thought you´d care about the community and your game, but as it turns out you just leave us hanging with a more then shockingly low amount of support at least for pre-orders. It really can´t be so hard to make at least the download available the day before the actual release for people who already paid for the game so they can get going right away. All in all i might just not pre order or even buy a game of you guys for the full price, and i´m really sorry for that. But with this kind of service i just don´t feel like a valued customer at all. It´s one thing to reschedule a realease day to make sure the quality is where you want it to be, but to then make it barly possible to play the game on the rescheduled release is just a slap in the face. sincerely a very dissappointed customer.
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