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  1. I never actually finished PoE1 (despite having over 150 hours in game) but I will be "importing" my paladin over. Was one of the Elcga shieldbearers and will be so again...so yeah, roleplaying will be pretty much your classic sword and board paladin except that, as is my tendency to do, I will be picking as many of the snark/clever responses as I can. My character then is like a super morally good guy but also prone to accidentally starting fights due to sarcasm....which is how I tend to play most of my characters now that I think on it...In terms of classic DnD alignment types, I think I'd be
  2. For me, it'll be the "safe" paladin pick for the first run. Then I'll get bored before finishing the run and swap over to some crazily overpowered min-max build that requires excessive micro-management. Then, before I can finish that run, I'll feel guilty and go back to finish the paladin, only I'll have forgotten a choice I made or grew to dislike some other aspect of the character and so I'll start a fresh paladin. Then I'll switch to...(post carries on in same vein for some time)...and then another Obsidian or similar RPG will come out and the whole cycle will begin again.
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