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  1. Mine were on the boat for sure, as I remember trying to put on the hat and then seeing/realizing I couldn't because I was a godling whatever they are called who can't wear hats.
  2. Do these items only work for one character? I'm new to Pillars, made a character, played a bit and decided to try something different. The second character doesn't have any of the items like the Axe, st drogga's bone/sabre thing, etc etc.... None of it. Is it really just for one of the characters?
  3. So all the bonus items you get for pre-order and only show up for one character? I haven't played the other pillar game, so I was trying out a character then went back to switch some things and create a new one, however, when I went to the ship non of the bonus items the last character had were in the cabinet like they had been before? Seriously? Only once, and now if I want those items I have to play a character?
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