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  1. Hi guys. We have a Flashback Universe Backstory featuring the Last Angel available as a FREE download on the Flashback site here; http://flashbackuniverse.com/downloads.aspx It also includes a 3 pages preview of our upcoming League of monsters issue. Hope you guys will like it.
  2. Don't worry about it. I used to post quite a lot on various gaming forums in the BIS/Interplay era, but I have been posting very little since Interplay dissapeared. So I can understand that you may not know me and have thought that I was a newbie spamming. There was some "Flashback Universe" coverage in "All The Rage" as part of the CapvsBats interview. Here is the link to the article; All The Rage
  3. Hi guys "Flashback Universe Presents; Saturn Knight" has started getting some reviews. Thought I would share it with you guys. Here is some bits;
  4. No Calax, I was not refering to you. Some guy insist that Saturn Knight is a clone/copy/ripp-off of Iron-Man. Don't ask me why.... I have no idea.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Fenghuang; Sorry buddy. Was not aware that we needed your permission to post in the "way off topic" forums. Will make sure to ask your permission next time. Musopticon?; will add you to the list of "this character is obviously like...." We have so far; Space Ghost Black Knight and Iron Man. Don't ask me why I have no idea why but there is this guy who insists that Saturn Knight is obviously a clone/ripp-off of Iron Man. Maybe I could give you guys each others e-mail and you you decide between the 2 of you which it is?? The inspiration for Saturn Knight was actually Marvel's Nova. After a Cap/Nova team up story went down the drain, it planted the seed for what is now Saturn Knight and the Flashback universe. Kaftan; Thanks. Although I would not say a mockery. More of a corny homage of super-hero comics done somewhat in the style of 70s Marvel comics. Pencils: Thanks Colour: yes that was the point. to give this a more classic look and get away from how modern comics are colored. Once more, thanks guys.
  6. Hi Guys, I am very proud to show you the cover of the first issue of "Flashback Universe Presents;" featuring Saturn Knight. You can download the issue here for FREE; http://flashbackuniverse.com/ A lot of work went into making this project a reality. Hope you guys like it.
  7. The Dr Doom vibe was done on purpose. Hopefully it will make more sense if/when you guys read the book. Glad you liked the character despcription Kaftan.
  8. Hi guys, I am very proud to announce that the Saturn Knight/Flashback Comics site is live. "What is the Flashback Universe? The Flashback Universe is really two things: a tip of the hat to old comic books and an exciting glimpse into the future of comics." It will feature the work of Jim Shelley (writer/web designer) and myself. Come visit our site and if you like it, tell a friend. http://www.flashbackuniverse.com/default.aspx Our first story featuring Saturn Knight will be available in August. Our second story will be our "halloween special" in october with "the Legion of Monsters". And in december we will have our tale with the RuneWraith. Hope you guys will like what we have prepared.
  9. Hi guys, Here is a pin-up that I just did for the "30th anniversary of Nova" fanzine. Will post the color version once it's done (probably next week). I also included what should be the final version of the cover. Before someone ask, the fanzine will be available as a free download on the Nova Prime page; http://www.novaprimepage.com/ Hope you guys like it.
  10. Made up it is. Originally tried Zool. Let me tell you, there are many Zool out there. I made it distinctive enough to be able to use it whereever I go online without worrying about using Bob253674 because there already are 20 000 000 Bob online. Although I discovered a few other uses as well. When in a list of names, my real name gets lost through the billions of name starting with "V". But in the "Z" section, they are usually just a few. Add to this how distinctive Zhen is, and you can't help but notice it amidst just a few names. Heck just look how it attracted Kaftan Barlast's attention. And there is no confusion about when someone talks about "Zhen" as opposed to talking about Bob the artist which might get confusing when there are multiple artists named Bob. There is only one "Zhen".
  11. Thanks guys. Agreed. An inker can make or break a drawing. A GOOD inker is a must. p.s. Love your sig As a rule, Zhen is the name that I use online. In this case, I found out that it is the name that they used on the site as well. Maybe I should use it as my "pen name" as well??
  12. Hi guys. Here is my first interview ever. Zhen's interview It feels kind of strange. Although it is pretty basic questions, I hope you guys like it.
  13. Who does not know Visc?? A legend in CRPGs forums. As for BG3, seeing how current games are about 20 hrs long at the most, I fail to see how to get excited about any BG3 news. Unless it means the beginning of another 200+hrs saga like the first BG saga, not sure what the point would be to make another BG game. Might as well make it NWN3 or BG Dark Alliance 3 if it is to be such a game.
  14. Episode 1 and 2 pretty much killed any expectations that I may have had for any future Star Wars project. I will most likely go see episode 3. But I do not expect it to be any good or better the episode 1 or 2.
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