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  1. Description: During the quest a Shipwright's Plight the only option I have when talking to Captain Radora is "You don't seem to be having as much fun as the rest of the clientele." She responds "The fun ran dry with the coin" and "When the dancers see more than an empty purse, I will be a content Radora." Due to being unable to speak to Radora the only option I have to complete the quest is to lying to Zamar and then paying for the commission. Step to Reproduce: 1, Obtain information about Captain Radora and thugs from Tiela in the back alley during the day. 2. Wait till night and deal with the thugs (Either by killing them or convincing them to leave Zamar alone). 3. Attempt to speak to Captain Radora but have no options regarding the quest. 4. Talk to Zamar to complete the quest, tell him you handled the thugs, then the only option to progress is to lie about Captain Radora. 5. You can then complete the quest by paying the commission Steps 4 there seems like there should be dialog options with Captain Radora but I think dealing with the bandits before speaking with her causes a bug to occur. Which then leads to being unable to have additional options with Zamar. Save Game and Screenshots https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xpuffu8ivfqzn6/Shipwright%27s%20Plight.rar?dl=0 System Specs: DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
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