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  1. Well i have No mods in the game currently, and the only save is the one like 5-10 min before i enter the academy, when you enter the academy on the first scene are atton and Kiera there with you? or are you alone? And should i dialogue with the handmaidens first then go see atreis? or vice versa? just seeing if playing it out another way will help?
  2. Ok ill explain in detail and hope i dont have to start all over again. Got to Telos and the polar Region then went to the academy. Met the handmaiden. and talked to everyone there, however, the only character in a force field is The new guy Dakur i think with the fake arm. both Kiera and Atton are still in the main chamber you enter when you start this level. If you try to talk to Kiera nothing happens but if you talk to atton it gives 2 options both saying cheat pc talk to ateris or 2) cheat pc talk to kiera. doing the first option has you talk to ateris again and nothing changes, or
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