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  1. I purchased the Obsidian Edition & A Fighter's Tale: Valeros from Steam today and I have two issues. First, when start the game without logging into my Asmodee account, I see all of the content for Rise of the Runelords, but none of the DLC content that was either included in the Obsidian Edition purchase or purchased separately (Valeros). Second, if I log into my Asmodee account, I lose all the Rise of the Runelords content as well, as well as nothing shows up on my linked Android device. I really like your game and do not want to request a refund, so I hope you can help. I am running Windows 10 Home 32 bit Version 1709 OS Build 16299.248 My Steam Client info: Steam API v.017 Steam Packed versions: 1513371133 My Steam transaction ID for the Obsidian Edition is 2597885283110518215 and for Valeros it is 2597885283112318940 My PFID before logging in to Asmodee is 8048DFA1E9A9346A My PFID after logging in to Asmodee is F0EADCA2C71E1F4A (also same as Samsung Tab A Android tablet account)
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