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  1. I have just got Pillars of Eternity on Xbox One. I've played the first few hours and was really getting into it, but I've hit a technical issues that's completely stopped me being able to progress.Ive just entered the Woodend Plains for the first time with my party. Sagani has joined me and things were going great. During a fight with one of the wondering monsters one of my group, Eder, has become stuck on a graphical glitch or bug. He will not move from the spot. Not with group or individual control. I've tried pushing him with other characters but he won't budge. I "camped" but he reloads in the same spot stuck. Same if I save and quit the game, when I load back up he's stuck in the same spot. I can't leave to the world map because the whole group needs to be together and he's too far away. I can't get into another fight as I killed all the wondering monsters in the area. And before its suggested I can't load a Autosaved game from before it happened because there isn't one (I keep a tidy save game list and delete as I go, which I know on this occasion was a stupid thing to do). Please can someone suggest some clever technical fix for this. I really don't want to restart the game as I've put in hours so far.
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