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  1. So i assigned a spell card slot to my rogue, but she doesn't have arcane or divine traits still, and just wastes her spells. How can she gain either arcane or divine trait? If not, why can she pick spell slots?
  2. Thanks for all the answers guys! Let me first say that i love the game and i in no way mean to slam it, i'm just used to the more "traditional" card game mechanics, like MtG and it's derivents like the elder scrolls and hearthstone etc and instinctly assume all card games would operate based on that system. Till now i've just been playing on my phone, but yesterday i got the game on steam, and getting a bigger screen had me noticing that the scenarios were assigned either a letter or an ascemding number, which made sense to the whole rarity deal. I think it's ultimately a good thing that the card classification is so random or erratic though, because it in the long run makes it superflous and forces you to think more rather than just assume that higher rated card = better card. Playing more also answered most of my initial questions, like why i lost my two sunbursts by giving them to arcane casters. Man how many good cards i managed to rid myself of due to negligence
  3. Ok thanks guys, some of the things are coming to me. I haven't done the tutorial and i frankly didn't know there was one until you mentioned it i'm not much of an instruction reader though, but i've rpgs and magic: tg since the 90's so i'm usually allright. But can you explain how the elite/rarity system work?? Because none of that **** makes any sense, what card functionality is concerned. Take this i realised now when i was sorting spells for my cleric: lead blades is purple aka "epic" card, gives 1d10 to attacks only with slashing effect on it, aquired on a check of 6, recharged on arcane/divine 8. Greater aid on the other hand has the same asuirement/recharge values, but yields 2d6 - regardless of check it's used for. It yields both higher top and lowest score, yet it is blue and just "rare"???? It is a WAY better card, maybe one of the best in the game, yet it's placed invthe same "rarity category" as **** like improved guidance Electric splash. Electric splash, blue level rarity - 1d4 to combat and electricity, while lightning bolt is "uncommon" or "common" yet does 3d6 damage.. This might come down to playstyle but i think some characters and their builds are way overpowered, and the only thing that makes this game hard is including other characters than lini and the sorceress in the party. Those two with the right cards are a right steamroller.
  4. I also get and appreciate character, area, scenario powers etc by the way.
  5. Well but they developed and released this as a standalone game with no indication that you needed to be familiar with a boardgame version of it to je able to fully comprehend some aspects of the game. Now i do like tye steep learning curve and that there was almost no tutorial, but at the prices they are charging for content you'd think they could at least bother to specify core concepts of the game a little better..
  6. So i started playing yesterday and while i like the game, it is redicilously hard and the ui is absolutely idiotic at points and some aspects are so complex it is really frustrating, and i've amassed a few questions the game doesn't clarify What are the difference of the card types? They are like 1,2, 5, b etc, some have that swirly thing around their little picture and others have varying frames, and it's different colours for some (blue is rare?) But it's all very unintuitive and confusing and i can't find any sort of explanation anywhere, aand it's confusing because cards like orb of electricity is far inferior to orb of storms, but orb of el sells for more, which to me is an indicator that it's probably more "rare", yet it drops way more often than orb of storms and it has "elite" written on it. Why is 1d4+electric considered more "elite" than 2d4+electric? Sometimes when you draw a card, it just banishes without any interaction. Why is that? Why do my spells and other cards disappear? One game i have them and the next they are gone without explanation. I.e. i had a sunburst or whatever on my cleric, she used it and then it were gone. Why? Why does only some of the banes you have to hit twice to kill state that they do? What is the purpose of imposing a guessing game like that on players? Why do you some times when you recieve damage and have to discard cards, you also has to bury specific cards from your discard pile? Cheers
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