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  1. "SJW elements" only lack "depth" if they're done in half measures. Could you imagine the sort of gameplay and story mileage you could get out of incorporating privilege, prejudice, and power dynamics into an Obsidian-style RPG? They could hook directly into the game systems, apply modifiers to your reputations, have their own stats, and apply additional consequences to your choices with your character's background. Playing as an ex-slave wild orlan priest of Skaen would finally be as interesting as it sounds! Your character might even have a personal stake in all the political maneuvering Obsi
  2. Is anyone really surprised? The first thing I thought when it finally dawned on me how huge Pillars of Eternity II was, was "There is no way they could have possibly made money on this." The fans wanted bigger, the fans wanted better, and Obsidian gave the fans, including myself, exactly what we wanted. The biggest, baddest, most complicatedest Infinity-style RPG ever. A game nobody but us wanted. PoE2 is huge, huge, huge. I'm 30 hours in and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of it. I ignored all the backer updates I received after pledging because I didn't want to know anythin
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