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  1. I've got completed Pillars of Eternity and now I'm playing Tyranny. Four character party is much more mnagable than six. In first PoE I've hit level cap with six charcter party long before fight with Thanos. After reaching max lexel game was still fun, but doing quest feti pointless. It was like doing a job and not getting paid. I feleled like I was wasting XP's Of course I was earning gold and recieving items but I had plenty of gold already and earning more had no meaning. With four characters in party I would reach level cap even faster. You should adjust that. It's best if players can choose how many characters they want in party. In PoE if you have 4 characters in yours party you have to fight Thaos with four 12 level characters (of course in White March cap is higher but you still hit it too fast). If you have six characters you fight him with six 12 level characters. I don't like it. Difficulty level should be the same regardless of size of your party. If I would like to have higher difficulty level I would change it in settings. Of course I can play with four characters party and set difficulty level to easy but playing on easy is for wimps. You can adjust rewards for quests to prevent characters from being too strong. Please don't use level scaling. It makes doing sidequest pointless. ( Markers on minimap in Tyranny is great idea. You should definitely include them in PoE II In PoE i was using game guide because I was afraid to miss something. In Tyranny I see clearly where every chest and every important NPC's are. It's very helpful.
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