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  1. Yeah the loading is really bad in this game . But it would be worth it if it was the only thing. I already came across on major (abilities that i should get from items not appearing in my ability menu) and a few quest related bugs. It really annoys the hell out of me that neither Obsidian nor Paradox went to any effort fix the issue with the bugs since their is no workaround on console. I bought this at full price because i want to support these type of games and a studio like Obsidian (and Paradox for that matter) but it really soured me on the whole experience. If the game doesn't ge
  2. So the bug with regards to Korgrak is also still in the game. I have no option to recruit him to my fort. From what i read about this bug it seemed to either have it's origins in the White March update OR it is related to the fact that i already killed Ogre's in the endless dungeon below the keep and the game cannot differentiate. Regardlessly the fact that there are still so many bugs in the console version of the game is frankly kind of disgraceful. Between this and the fact that i cannot seem to get access to the abilities items should give me (while they are listed in my character shee
  3. The spellbound items do not seem to give my characters the abilities the should bestow upon them. Both spell and abilities i should get through spellbound and soulbound items do not appear in the ability menu. They do however are mentioned under active abilities in the character screen. So for example even the spell Gref's authority is not selectable in my ability menu while i can see the specifics of the spell when i select info about it in the character screen using tool tips. Is this a bug because this seems like it will have a pretty harsh influence on my enjoyment of the game.
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