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  1. Thanks for the look into it everyone! I'll get on to check it later tonight when Steam stops having issues for me. I appreciate the help!
  2. To start it off, I'm on Steam, Win10, and PFID-B021BDEA8CD187FA. Issue at hand: Scenarios don't reward any gold after completion. I don't recall if the scenario gave gold during closing either, but it might have. This is my first run through the story and I should still get gold for my missions. I've checked harder difficulties and they too reward 0 gold. The store still shows up and my in-game gold is at 415, per the store. Permadeath is off, Deck 3 of the story. Everything was working fine until the Goblins update. I've reset my network connection multiple times, restarted the game multiple times, and even looked to see if there was a fix to this with no results. Edit: I'd like to make mention that I've currently got a 24 hour rune for 100% gains on gold running. Apparently both of the runes I had in my possession got used at the same time, but they stack so that shouldn't be an issue. I just logged in to see if there was a fix and maybe it was just me, but it's still messed up. I don't plan on playing for now as I'm losing gold that the game doesn't seem to want to give me. I don't mean this in any pretentious or spoiled way; I'd just like to not get conned by the game out of a rewards system inside said game.
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