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  1. Hi all, New to the forum and only have been playing a bit. I have the wrath of the righteous game and recently bought the warpriest expansion. I really enjoy the new cards the warpriest brought into the game. I understand that there is power creep in these types of games and don't have an issue with it. The warpriest deck really add some nice cards that made the game easier quicker and more fun. I have been playing basically solo, since my Wife did not enjoy the game as much as I did. I told her about the power creep that the warpriest deck provided and it peeked her interest a bit more. I think if I can get a class deck that has better spells, she would want to play a Wizard/Mage type class. I am not sure what class deck has some powerful interesting spells. I looked at the Summoner, but think that might not fit what she is looking for. Does anyone know of any good class decks that provide powerful spells. I think a Int based magic class deck with a female character would be great. I was also think about getting the Rise of the Rune Lords game. I saw a link where the game had the exact same spell as the Wizard deck, but the Wizard deck one was harder to acquire and keep. I will probably be picking up another deck for myself. I Feel I have some nice melee cards and divine with the warpriest. I was wondering what deck my help augment so that I could get some interesting cards. I thought about the gunslinger. I am not going to be playing this outside my home so I will be mixing and matching things. This is just for our use. Thanks in advance for any input.
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