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  1. Oh! What you're saying is that it goes into the collection and is ABLE to be obtained. Thanks for the info. Thyraxus, I also didn't see the card in my collection at first. I just checked though and it appears there now. Let us know if it has since appeared.
  2. I had the same issue today with Adventure 3, The Hook Mountain Massacre. I completed all the scenarios for the "Black Arrow Longbow", it shows you the item on the reward screen, but then it doesn't show up in your stash, your unclaimed cards, or any of the character's decks. Normally when you get loot at the end of a battle it will show up in one of the character's decks and you will have to remove down to the maximum. Is it possible there is a glitch with the decks or the stash being full which doesn't let you receive the card? I would definitely love it if all that effort wasn't a wa
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