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  1. Was afraid of that. I completed a couple and Scenario 4 was the one my bard died in. He got his Adventure (1) reward after finishing it with him being alive. Thank goodness it's still working 'behind the scenes'.
  2. Just completed the 5 scenarios in the adventure marked as (1): Burnt Offerings. 3 of my party members got their Adventure completion reward: Add a card skill. The fourth one (my Bard) didn't. I remember him dying somewhere in this adventure so that probably is the reason he didn't complete it. So now I'm checking the completion tab of the 3 party member who got the reward and the Bard and they all show up as empty: http://imgur.com/a/GnhCP This is my sorcerer who got the Adventure 1 reward but all scenarios are greyed out.... http://imgur.com/a/OayDJ This is my bard who didn't get the Adventure 1 reward. How and where can I check what scenario I have to do with my bard to get him a complete Adventure 1 and so get him his reward? Thanks, Carda
  3. Just a short question. If I install PA on my tablet, will I be able to continue with my campaign which I started on the PC? I'm afraid if I link my tablet to the same account it will overwrite my PC game adventure so I have to start over. Any tips? Thanks
  4. Black Fang's Dungeon -> Temple Location At this location: When you move here, discard a card. My mage was here and he discarded the 'Stride' card to summon the cleric to his location. After my cleric arrived here the rule applied she had to discard one or two cards. Trying to do so, but I cannot continue. Video included: Hope this helps, Carda
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