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  1. so at first i was given a bunch of gold and 2 chests. After i was given the rest of the gold,another chest and the things like the dice ecc. Now i was given 6 chests. but after 2 months, 2 update and 5 posts i still miss a chest. hoping this is the last time i have to ask.
  2. ehm ehm i know you are busy resolving bugs and stuff like that, but i still miss 7 chests rewards. thank you for the attention.
  3. i received the gold and i m not sure but i think its a little too much, but i still have received only 3 chests
  4. i have been rewarded just 2 chest and i cant remember how much money but i had six characters level 40 before upgrade PFID - 6ACBEE4911A6844E
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