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  1. Not sure whats going on but my client still hasnt been updated with the proper rewards. Any news on when this fix will be implemented or have i just been left out of he loop? Thanks in advance
  2. PFID-AD94F8082DC47B0F i had 4 level 40 characters and got the rewards from only level ones
  3. Thanks for the quick reply and this does clear things up. However the patch was supposed to hit "late febuary/early march". I suppose there is something to be said about taking your time and releasing it in the state it should be rather than rushing it out. But it would be good to hear about the progress on the next update. Anyhow cheers for the help
  4. Right now as of me posting this the current max level in quest mode is 40. The maximum difficulty tier is 4, meaning that you will never have as many talents or encounter higher tier enemies and obtain items from higher tiers. Im writing this to ask if maybe i have missed some way of unlocking this or if there is any news of future updates of raising the possible difficulty tier in the future.
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