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  1. Another thought, my profile was marked as private, I've just made it public and will try to see if that fixes the issue as I wonder if it cannot verify I own the game while it's private. Nope that did not help, I think that the issue as posted before is that the content is not linked to all PoE packages correctly.
  2. So it shows on my profile that Pillers of Eternity (291650) is owned by me, I have the Royal and champion edition content (and pre-order pet / items) but I can't tell what overall package that is. I also have the additional DLCs. Yet it still flags my Gauns pledge as acquired but it does not install. Pulling the file from reddit gives me the item in game but does not mark it as installed still. (Since I have 2 machines it's not something I've done on both and I've since deleted the file). So perhaps the issue is that the item is not downloading for the correct package? I'm based in the
  3. Well I downloaded the file and I then received the item in game but it does still say not installed so very odd. Some sort of bug thats for sure.
  4. Yep I've tried to install PoE1 and it still says bought 13/2/2015 but it's not installed. I've also tried the beta branch and reinstalling PoE2. Not quite sure what is going on.
  5. So I have the same issue, I have both Pillers of Eternity and Deadfire in steam (and I was a backer on both). While it is flagged for install it is not installed on my machines. I have even tried to reinstall Deadfire but it still is marked as not installed. Do you have to start a new game to get it to install? Or is there some other way to have the ring content download?
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