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  1. Okay, figured it out. For me, it was being caused by the 'MOTB Enhanced Edition' add-on. Here are the steps to fix it: 1.) Remove any add-ons, custom plugins, mods, etc. Make sure the Override folder is empty, you're using the original campaign folder, and so on. 2.) Start from a save before you enter the Skein, maybe even before you enter the beach area. Luckily, I had one from the dream sequence where you get the 2nd mask piece, which wasn't too far back.
  2. Related to this, I just saw the same issue mentioned on the comments for a plugin on Neverwinter Vault: https://neverwintervault.org/rolovault/projects/nwn2/nwn2scripts/343/index.html. I wasn't using the 'Plot Fixes' plugin, but it sounds like this is the same problem. I haven't used the toolset, so I'm not sure how the user (redrake) managed to fix the issue, but maybe it will help with finding a solution...
  3. I have the exact same problem. I purchased the game from gog.com. Maybe there's something wrong with the version they're selling? I also tried disabling any extra plugins, customizations, etc. and worked my way back to that area from a save a few levels back, but still no dice. Would be very nice to get a solution for this since it's a game-ending bug. Thanks in advance for any advice/help!
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