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  1. I'd call things like Rekke's dialogue, the question of what existed before the Wheel as we know it, and what other gods might be out there intentional breadcrumbs pointing towards a third game rather than "criminal" writing. And as much as I enjoy his work, I think this hero-worshippy idea that Avellone is the only good games writer out there is a little weird. @marimo No hero worship here. I am comparing the first game to the second. Honestly, if I was not told that they were made by the same studio I would assume this one was some crappy knock-off cash grab by a studio they outsou
  2. on JE Sawyer's blog, he makes it sounds like they have all sorts of docs written down about Eora and how everything works; likely this is the sort of stuff that Chris would have been a part of. We only get a fraction of it, and JE Sawyer recently apologized on his blog about one specific confusion because the original cut of Deadfire had an explanation, but they had cut it because at the time they didn't think it was necessary, and all of them had been so immersed in the lore that they thought it was self-evident. So I wouldn't blame a lack of Chris Avellone here because I would gather
  3. I love this thread. We are the main character of this game: we are supposed to be changing the world. Heck the choice to destroy the wheel or stop Eothas from destroying it IS changing the world very fundamentally. WORSE the fact that the wheel was built to support the function of these amalgam constructs/Engwithians and that society existed for quite some time without them and without hollow born or soul maladies makes for a HUGE point of concern about whether they should be kept or destroyed. Then there is Rekke who I picked up floating in the middle of the ocean NE of shipwreck r
  4. For those of us who went GOG instead of Steam, what do we do for the scavenger hunt? If I had known there was going to be favoritism of one or the other, I would have chosen the one that was being favored. Sadly, my ability to choose ended a few months ago.
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