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  1. I'd call things like Rekke's dialogue, the question of what existed before the Wheel as we know it, and what other gods might be out there intentional breadcrumbs pointing towards a third game rather than "criminal" writing. And as much as I enjoy his work, I think this hero-worshippy idea that Avellone is the only good games writer out there is a little weird. @marimo No hero worship here. I am comparing the first game to the second. Honestly, if I was not told that they were made by the same studio I would assume this one was some crappy knock-off cash grab by a studio they outsourced it to. As far as I know, we should be seeing similar talent in the writing, world design, and role playing elements. For it to have fallen so far.... Who else left, got kicked out, etc? Did they purge the department? If none of that happened then the question comes back what happened to this game? As to Rekke, let's first separate him from the criminal writing comment, I never put those together. Rekke is a huge hanging thread that only has connection to the weird tablets you find in, I think, Neketaka to join him to anything else in the game. So the tablet shows he isn't a one off and that we should take his story seriously. However, the subject matter of the tablet almost undercuts the character as anything other than a gag. But his story undercuts the PoE story in some big ways... Can you say it is bad writing? I don't know. He was funny, I would have liked to know more about him and where he came from. I don't have those options though. He was strange in that you could have serious dialog with him beyond what you get from the sidekicks normally. Maybe he was a cut character and story line that they put in for fun? But he doesn't seem to be from the past. (where did you draw that conclusion from?) If he is breadcrumbs to a third game, where the gods have failed; I have a fear of that game. It will barter away the central premise of these games for a basic swords & sorcery with steampunk. There won't be much to build off of. Everything from the past 2 games will be meaningless, and the ending of this game will be overwritten or subjugated to no impact. That would be bad writing. My final conclusion: Rekke should have been a major player or not at all. Honestly, I find him more interesting then some of our companions so I'm confused by him. But this is par for the course in this game.
  2. on JE Sawyer's blog, he makes it sounds like they have all sorts of docs written down about Eora and how everything works; likely this is the sort of stuff that Chris would have been a part of. We only get a fraction of it, and JE Sawyer recently apologized on his blog about one specific confusion because the original cut of Deadfire had an explanation, but they had cut it because at the time they didn't think it was necessary, and all of them had been so immersed in the lore that they thought it was self-evident. So I wouldn't blame a lack of Chris Avellone here because I would gather a lot has already been written down and just not revealed to us in game or in novellas. I would blame some hasty editorial choices at most. @ Thaumaturgist I feel that those facts work against Sawyer's defense of the PoE2 story, not for him. The plot feels like it is jumping from one storyboard or idea about the lore to the next. Almost as if they were copying and pasting chunks that were developed around some piece of lore at one time or another and then have been strung together for this current game. There is a lack of polish to how the pieces meet and interact and a lack of options in the dialog. I found myself choosing [say nothing] at critical plot points, not because I had nothing to say, but because there was no option for what I wanted to say. It was HARD for me to get the Stoic points in PoE1. With the light of all the old notes to work from, it feels like they just copy and pasted from all of that stack of work like a lazy kid writing a report by copying lots of big quotes and doing the bare minimum to link them. This is would explain why the plot is not durable with regards to player choice.
  3. I love this thread. We are the main character of this game: we are supposed to be changing the world. Heck the choice to destroy the wheel or stop Eothas from destroying it IS changing the world very fundamentally. WORSE the fact that the wheel was built to support the function of these amalgam constructs/Engwithians and that society existed for quite some time without them and without hollow born or soul maladies makes for a HUGE point of concern about whether they should be kept or destroyed. Then there is Rekke who I picked up floating in the middle of the ocean NE of shipwreck reef. Once he learns enough Adeyran the plot really thickens: he can read the mysterious tablets you find here and there, claims to have been part of a missionary expedition to head west and make it past the storms (cause no one's ever been there), and spread the word of their God. Big "G" singular god. No multiple gods. Meaning The Engwithian God experiment may not have been planet wide and the "gods" have cut the area of Eora off from the rest of the world. This has profound ramifications. Destroying the Wheel could be breaking the cage that all of the areas in PoE 1, 2, & beyond are kept in. So yes, not being able to discuss all this with your main companions isn't bad writing; it is criminal writing. I sense a lack of Chris Avallone here. It becomes apparent how much he may have actually been bringing to the table in storytelling and holding the other writers/producers accountable.
  4. For those of us who went GOG instead of Steam, what do we do for the scavenger hunt? If I had known there was going to be favoritism of one or the other, I would have chosen the one that was being favored. Sadly, my ability to choose ended a few months ago.
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