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  1. Glad you liked my build :3 I was completely serious about that and is 100% doable ( maybe not 100% of the times but for sure the majority). You need torment reach, vet recovery, turning wheel and vulnerable attack. If you manage to reach lvl 5 via other quest is even better ( bonus hp and accuracy) but is not necessary. As item you need a plate ( kill the Moon godlike near the entrance of eothas Temple), rymgrand mantle, whisper of yenwood in one hand and a mace or fist in the other. A potion of vital essence can be useful sometimes but not mandatory. Last thing needed is 4 in survival, and rest in the countryard for +10 accuracy vs Spirit, After that you can walk proudly in the main hall, and eat some chicken(+2 con), beef (+2 str), a beer (+2 dr) and a cake (+2 agi). Ok preparations done! Now the tactics is : walk to the shadows, as they start charging against you, retreat asap in the left corner of the small corridor in the left of the main entrance. In this position only 1-2 shadows/Spectre can hit you at the same time. Now you just need to wait. Rymgrand mantle usually will keep your endurance bar full, but your health will slowly drop. When finally healt reach a low level, than your endurance will start sink too. When this happen the retaliation from the flame godlike racial starts to work, and will kill the enemies for you. Sometimes, if they crit you too much the endurance will drop lower than the 50% trashold and flame retaliation will activate also with High healt. If possible try to NOT get hit by both Spectres togheter ( stun + sneack attack do heavy dmg and permastun in this case is difficult to break, while 1 Spectre + 1 shadow let you drink a potion if needed or land some torments reach) this can be done kiting a bit at the start of the fight so the monsters are "channeled" in the corridor in the right order. Ok , these are all my "extra" triks, please report if It worked for you! Edit: tks Boeroer for pointing my mistake! It worked like a charm. I'm now level 5, and going strong. Chicken and beer is awesome. :D Thanks guys.
  2. Thanks for the guide and tricks Dr <3. I'll report back when I've tried it. And thanks for the inputs Boeroer!
  3. Is this build still viable for soloing on POTD? Because I'm getting my ass kicked - "Really, see shadows and spectres dying while you are permastunned is hilarous." - I die too quickly, they are laugning at me. I'm level 4, and I have Ring of Searing Flames, Rymrgand's Mantle, Plate Armor and Whispers of Yenwood as you suggest. I've also followed your talents picks to the letter. My endurance is 153, DR 16. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something obvious? Sorry if I'm noobish :D
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