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  1. Oh, and if this is just the planned result (ie: The only option there will ever be is to just kill all the guards) then please let me know so I don't continue trying to find a work around or a mod or anything else along those lines. If it is a locked down part of the game, then que sera sera, I'll toast them and move on. But if it is actually supposed to have multiple options, then I would like to see what can be done in the meantime before circumstances force me to finish that quest. Thank you again for your time and efforts in this endeavor.
  2. Description: In the quest Missing Sentries, the option to initiate a conversation with Leyra with no bloodshed, or at least with the ability to save any of the Enthralled Justicars, does not seem to be possible any longer, even with the required stats. This is despite previous proof of this being a possibility, as well as the options being visibly a potential in the attached files. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Enter the conversation with Leyra during Missing Sentries. It will always end in bloodshed, even with stats at the correct level. Important Files: Attached files are
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