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  1. you would initially assume that roles are more limited then classes, but when Classes were intially designed, they had to be set to niche limits for the pen and paper experience to work the way it did. I am working toward a system of exploring and options, giving players the nudge to explore and make a name for themselves, yes I was working on a multiplayer / MMO system, as i enjoy the concepts of players working together to attain a goal they would not be able to attain on their own. a good narritave based game ends, a good open world game can last for a long time. especially in the prese
  2. I have noticed many games have attempted to build "open world" concepts, only to fail due to the limitations set upon them by the "box" of RPGs. we have not truly changed the underlaying systems of an RPG since DnD was invented, pick a class, level it, use the abilities specifically created for it, go from zone to zone designed for each specific range of levels (1-10, 10-20, etc) or make the levels truly useless by scaling all enemies to match (when you are level 10, so are the enemy mobs), the player is often also made out to be some super hero of their own story, a chosen one, as it were,
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