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  1. Anachronox! One of the best adventure RPG games ever even though it was released over a decade ago! For those unfamiliar it was a 3rd person perspective gumshoe adventure game with RPG elements and turn based combat. Combat wasn't the main draw, it was the amazing and so far unrivalled story telling, the depth of chracters and character development and a wonderful sci fi universe which is was (and still is) a unique and wonderous universe even compared to the multitude available today. It had a fantastic humourous streak that still makes me laugh today and a very believeable anti-hero protagonist and a lovable rag-tag band intent on uncovering a mystery and saving the galaxy. Above all however is that it created characters that I truly cared about. A feat that only Grim Fandango has been able to repeat. The final twist at the end still resonates with me as the most heart wrenching and unexpected betrayal i've experienced in any movie or game. the ending as well is BEGGING for a sequel! I'd love obsidian to give a sequel a go. so long as they maintain the excellent writing and character development i'm ok if they do away with turn based combat (so long as it doesn't become an FPS) but still preseve the cool boss battles. I'd also love to see a FreeSpace 3, not necessarily a sequel but maybe a different perspective. say from the Shivans or from Earth's perspective as the evens of FS2 play out (culminating perhaps in contact being established between earth and the wider GTVA?). just so long as it doesn't become a dumbed down space sim like Freelancer. I want to use a joystick dammit!
  2. sweet! thanks, what exactly do these dual core optimisers do? I recently got Comany of Heroes and it said that it required them too but it runs fine without it. tho oddly it still doesn't explain why it doesn't run on my laptop (which is an Intel Centrino.)
  3. Ok, I've been trying to run Kotor2 for ages now on my PC, i've tried it on my laptop and my desktop and both have the same problems. At first I could play the game ok, then after a while (say 10-15mins) all character models would suddenly be cast in very dark shadows, and some textures in the environment would become completely black. the controls would go haywire, and the character would just judder on the spot then suddenly appear at the other side of the room. I have to ctrl-alt-delete to get out of it. I've patched up the game, got the latest graphics and motherboard drivers to no avail. I've also tinkered with the compatibility option in XP to no avail either. Tried a fresh install too and taht didn't work. In fact now my problems have gotten worse, I load a game and it just freezes once the game is loaded (as in I'm in the game not the main menu). Please can anyone help! last time I ran Kotor 2 reliably was on my old PC running Win ME and even then I had to patch it up to solve a similar problem. My specs: Asus A8N-E motherboard with AMD X2 4200 nVidia GeForceFX 7800GT 256 Mb RAM 1Gb RAM Win XP Home ForceWare 91.47 nForce4 AMD 6.7 anyone get this problem? the weird thing is I have a similar problem when running Kotor 1 and I also get all these problems when running on my laptop! has anyone found a fix for this??
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