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  1. Aye, sent it to that email. Got an automated response back. It is has been 8 days (sorry for the mistake) as of this writing and includes the weekend. It was sent on Oct 23rd with the subject line: Physical Rewards (Order ID 1 Order ID 2 Order ID 3) received with problems. I have DM'ed you the order ids. Thank you so much for any help in this, I truly appreciate it/
  2. I received my backer rewards on the 20th of Oct. It was missing my set of two miniature add-ons and two statues from the Elite CEs I had ordered . I have been waiting for a response, to my support request, from Obsidian for the last 9 days. I am trying to stay positive about this whole issue but it is hard when support will not even reply.
  3. I had pledged for two Signed Elite editions and one Elite Edition along with miscellaneous add-ons. My account page still shows these as shipping soon. No email from Ship Naked ( I live in India). I contacted their support last Thursday and have still not heard back from them. I got in touch with Obsidian support this Wednesday and once again haven't got a response from you either. Now I understand it is a pledge so I must be open to the idea of not getting anything from donating towards the creation of the game, but still not getting anything for a combined $1000 pledge is kind of a hard pill to swallow for me. I still love the game and you guys but I am seriously hoping for some remedial action here from you, to make things right
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