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  1. Two things; First, I'd love for Avowed to be highly moddable. PoE had only a few mods, and none that made a huge impact, like Skyrim's Falskaar or Enderal. If Obsidian can design the game to be highly moddable, it'll be a treasure for decades to come and a superior competitor to Elder Scrolls 6. And I fully expect Bethesda to make it less moddable and load it shortly after release, with microtransactions and paid mods. Second, I'd really like for the protagonist in Avowed to be leaning towards dark and evil. Perhaps playing as Thaos before he rose to power as Woedica's favored, would be
  2. Hi Dan, Just wanted you to know that I finally got my replacement painted figurines. It took ages for them to arrive, but they are now here in the Philippines. I'm very happy you sent these as a replacement to the ones that got crushed flat by whoever handled the last package. Thank you for addressing my issue and I'll be sure to support you on PoE:III. You folks made a great game with great items to come with it. Awesome work! PS: Please include a physical CD on the physical copy next time. Best regards,
  3. Dan got in touch with me and I received my order around three weeks ago. The hoodie was good and the steelbook case was intact. Unfortunately, the package was crushed in transit, and the painted pewter figurines went bent and one snapped off its base. It was unfortunate so I contacted Dan and they are sending in a replacement. Albeit, to cut costs, the replacement package is being sent without a tracking number. As for the soundtrack, it arrived in excellent condition about a few days ago.
  4. As someone who played Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: NV, bought and backed PoE 1 and 2, I am very disappointed at this news. I've always thought of Obsidian as one of the greatest remaining gaming companies around. This is why I have alwyas supported their kickstarter projects. Knowing how corporate culture works, I know for a fact that the quality of games from Obsidian will now diminish and begin to focus more on monetization and bad business practices. Forget about PS4 and Windows 7, it's now GFWL and XBOX. PC players will now have to deal with console menus and substandard ports. Here's ho
  5. You did notice the seperate page they built for such messages? The last message I read from there mentioned that pretty much every package has been sent forward from Ship Naked and if you haven't received your shipment info you should contact Ship Naked by email and they will send re-send you the tracking information. I didn't notice the page they created for such messages. Would it be possible for you to post the link? Also, I've already sent ship naked a message through their website. No response so far.
  6. I've already sent a message to Obsidian's facebook page and I'm still not getting anything. 4 plus months after the release of the game, this is just very poor communication on the part of Obsidian if they can't send even a proper status update to their backers.
  7. I've already sent a support ticket to obsidian 6 days ago. Still no response. Any update on my order? I'd like to know because our post office here in the Philippines is notorious. I'd probably have to visit them to remind them to deliver my package or it will sit in the post office for two months, if you can believe that. So knowing in advance is critical for me.
  8. Hi Dan, Any news on my order? I'm from the Philippines and we still have "Shipping Soon" status on my order.
  9. Hi Dan, I'm a backer from the Philippines. Would it be possible to get an update on the status of my items? I haven't received them until now, my shipment status is still "shipping soon" and I haven't received any emails about this whatsoever. I'd like to know if they are already on their way.
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