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  1. I'm some guy with a horn (forgot the name of the race) and he levels REALLY slowly. He's like.. level 3 right now.


    Tiefling, I think. The same race that Annah was in PS:T. I played in Aasimar in my playthrough of NWN2, and because I skipped a lot of sidequests in the middle and end, was only halfway to 20 before the game ended. <_<


    I hope none of those are spoilers. Though I guess saying that I actually liked NWN2 a fair deal is. This is my honest opinion, and I'll probably get chewed out for it (and I'm sure some of these whippersnappers who have never seen me post before will point and go HAHAHAHAHAH N00B!) but I actually like linear stories more than these newfangled free-form games. Seeing how Linear stories can get blood pumping through veins, and more complex than stories that have to make a billion gazillion checks before Old Lord Bakersfield informs you that you already allied with the Hobgoblin Hordes, slayed the Noble Princess Magnifica, and won the breakdancing contest. He then sneers in contempt and tells you to plow his fields anyway.


    I digress.


    I'm on my second runthrough of NWN2, but I can't decide what to play. My first runthrough was the joyful Aasimar Bard 5/Red Dragon Disciple 10/Neverwinter Nine 4. Who was dangerously close to lawful good.

  2. That's on the current playthrough, too. The talking with Hanharr was interesting.


    He helped me kill the gand that ran in after me. And then my Jedi choked and had Force Breath given to her again. :ermm: No idea what's going on there.


    When I was watching the exile make her way through her flashback (where the council is all "grr, out you go!") she was wearing the same robes that she wears in the flashback. All the robes poofed from her inventory and she magically became naked. It was, ah, odd.


    I give up with the attatchment. -_-

  3. I've heard that you can quickly grab it before the screen FTB after killing her. I think that getting it back depended on what you said to her about the Mandalorian Wars and was cut before the end. Sigh. However, with high INT and Awareness, a "revelation" about Atris can be made before the end. Having a high wis may also be interesting.


    You can also try to persuade handmaiden to show you Atris' junk, but I always fail those persuade checks. :devil:

  4. I stil think those 'things' are quite human hair pony-tails. Here is proof:


    http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/kotor2/screens.html?page=171 (this one needs no comment)


    http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/kotor2/screens.html?page=169 (notice the strands, whereas a twi'lek 'tail' would be 'flat', and how hair bundles swell between those 'rings')


    Mother of. . .!


    She is old, she is ugly, and she has no eyes.

  5. Erm, the plot of both games were both the very basic, powerful plots that have been used countless times before and countless times again.


    KOTOR1 - Redemption

    KOTOR2 - Self-Discovery


    I will now leave you to your insanity.  :blink:


    Edit: SHFIFTY-FIVE!  :D


    About Redemption? Huh? I guess all that killing, betrayal and lying was great for my Karma after stopping the Mandalorians from destroying the galaxy :D


    Last time I checked KOTOR1 didn't happen during the Mandalorian wars. Also, last time I checked Malak wasn't a mandalorian. Maybe it was all just a dream. . .!

  6. The exile is taken to the medbay, drugged by HK-50, dragged to a cargo hold, and then freed by Kreia, possibly with the help of T3-M4 who has also been looking for the exile at the request of Revan because Revan trusts the exile because the exile is one of the brilliant tacticians of the era, and quite possibly the only one who can lead the troops against the True Sith Empire. Kreia's fall has to do with helping the exile discover her potential and making the exile whole once more so she will no longer be troubled by her past. Of course, Kreia charges the Jedi Council in blood for what they did to her, something that she gets out of helping the exile be strong and a killer once more.



  7. There was the funniest glitch I had that was my character falling over after Mira gassed her, the conversation ending, starting to fade to black aaaand. . .


    My character standing up again.


    I laughed so hard I cried that day.


    On a sidenote, what are you all using for screenshots? I always get the lovely "body without head" when I take one.

  8. Erm, the plot of both games were both the very basic, powerful plots that have been used countless times before and countless times again.


    KOTOR1 - Redemption

    KOTOR2 - Self-Discovery


    I will now leave you to your insanity.




    Again, this is something the Developers, Lucasarts, and "The Man" want you to believe...


    I take it that said man is the strange man that carries the briefcase around in HL and HL2. They're just taunting us with him!


    When did you run off and join the scientologists? Or whoever they are. The crazy people.

  9. It wasn't changed at all. KotOR 1 was seen through the eyes of the Jedi, mostly, like every Star Wars movie to date for the most part (even A New Hope, etc. was built around Luke becoming a Jedi, and the Rebellion was founded around Jedi principles. This is explored more deeplyin KotOR 2). As was said above, the general populace didn't see a real difference between the Sith and the Jedi -- they were two branches of the same religion warring over doctrine while everyone else burned. The events were the same, but they are presented from a different perspective, which is one of the best appeals of KotOR 2 -- the destinction between Jedi and Sith is not so great; the Jedi are not so good, and the Sith not so evil. At least until the end, when the game in general falls apart.


    The whole 'Jedi are good' stuff only really showed up in Star Wars III - Revenge of the Jedi (Or what some call Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi) when Lucas decided that all good stems from not facing your fears, not feeling emotion, but being at peace with oneself.


    Personally, the Semi-Sith in KOTOR2 (the Betrayer :ermm: ) is more of a Jedi than Luke will ever be, simply because she's not going to be blinded by the whole Jedi Code stuffs. Once you detatch yourself from emotion, are you really human?


    Jedi don't always do good things. Sith can do bad things for a good cause. All in all, we're just people when it comes down to it. And everything we do will have both good and bad repercussions.

  10. Planescape: Torment is a wonderful game I would recomend to anyone. It doesn't have a morbid streak, so you are forewarned if you find such things repugnant.


    As for the ending, the ending of a good game always leaves a bit of an empty feeling. "Leave them wanting more", as the cliche goes. However, there is a difference between and ending that "leaves them wanting more" and an ending that "leaves them" going "WTF happened?"


    The ending action of Torment had closure, I think. But the story itself did not feel resolved to me at the time, much like how KOTOR2's story does not feel resolved to some of the gamers here. :ermm:


    But yes, an excellent RPG. Like all good RPGs it makes you question what you believe.

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