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  1. I started a new game almost immediately after TB was patched in officially, and apart from a few little annoyances (that were patched within a few days) it was fine! I don't do beta testing/early access play for this very reason.
  2. I just finished an entire game in TB, and I loved it! With RTwP I paused every couple of seconds to micromanage everything, so this just made doing it easier. If there's a PofE3, I hope TB is baked in from the start!
  3. I'm loving turn-based mode, but one quibble I'm having is, when I'm targeting an action or something the character will almost ALWAYS say one of their "I can't do that thing" lines before I've clicked on an action or a move. I hope that's fixable, because it gets REALLY annoying, esp in a longer battle. I suppose I could turn off combat voices or something, but I really don't want to do that. Thanks!
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