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  1. Hi there- I’ve been loving the new DLC, and with the new content and new perks I thought I’d start a fresh play through focusing on science weapons. I use an Xbox One. My new character is using the Prismatic Hammer, and when he hit level 19 and unlocked 150 Science, the unlock doesn’t seem to affect the hammer’s stats. After leveling up to 150 Science: 1)I made sure I had turned off “show base item stats” in the settings menu. 2) I inspected my Prismatic Hammer. Crit Chance was 40%, same as base. Crit damage was 155%, probably because of the Weird Science perk. 3) I
  2. When you kill Jadaferlas the ancient since patch 1.2, you only get one Magma Dragon Gizzard Stone. However, any two-handed weapon still requires 2 magma dragon gizzard stones to upgrade in the enchanting screen. Either Jadaferlas should drop exactly 2 stones, or two-handed weapons should be able to be upgraded with a single stone, if Jadaferlas is meant to allow the player to upgrade their favorite weapon to legendary.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me, Jon. I have good news and bad news: The good news is, I was able to find an autosave in a different map (The old city, I think) which still had most of my progress, and continue the game from there. I turned in the Coronet's call quest, then went back to The Gullet, rode the lift down to the Old City Overlook, and was able to pick up the Coronet of the Depths with no problems. The bad news is, I'm pretty sure accidentally saved over all of the files from right before the crash. Sorry to be a bad bug reporter!
  4. So I was doing the "coronet's call" quest in the Old City Overlook, and when I went to "dive down towards the light" with Eder to get the Coronet of the depths, my game immediately crashed to desktop. I have a quicksave right before, but when I try to load that quicksave, the game freezes. I have an autosave from entering the old city overlook--when I try to load that, the game freezes too! I can load other saves for other characters and locations, but the game really doesn't seem to like loading any save in the Old City Overlook.
  5. I refused the RDC’s offer to assassinate the Queen, and ended up fighting my way out of their compound, including killing both the Hazanui and Atsura. Then I went and sided with the Huana and headed into the endgame and the RDC were my rivals, which meant that I ended up facing a (bugged) resurrected Atsura before confronting Eothas. Either Atusura shouldn’t be alive or I should be facing someone else in the final sequence, right?
  6. Hi all- Running OS X 10.11.6 on an iMac with a 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM. Deadfire beta performed fine for me with all previous versions. But after the latest Beta update, I'm seeing major, constant performance issues. There's a noticeable delay of almost a second between clicking or pushing a key and the game responding, the framerate is stuttering, rendering the game unplayable. It was particularly bad during character creation , but didn't get better once the game started. I can barely select characters, or issue commands much at all because the game can't register my click
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