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  1. It actually had weapon summons but I focused on defensive stuff because I built it to main tank the gods ;-p The summoned weapons are really just for RPG flavor (same with the 2H) because they are not very good. If you are power gaming, then you obviously go with dual wield and you open each battle differently. You dont want summoned weapons if you want to min/max. They take a while to summon, dont last all battle long, and cost a spell. Anyway here is the DPS version. Pick up the obvious dual wield stuff and subtract 5 int and 5 resolve to max out dex for 30% faster attack. This will redu
  2. Anyone try to make a summoned weapon melee wizard build? Does it work better as a single class or a multi? I was thinking Soulblade/Conjurer as an option, I saw a Battlemage post by marc5477 which looked too defensive for my tastes (and doesn't have any weapon summons). Maybe Sage? For that matter, do you get to keep the buffs from your statstick weapons when you summon another one?
  3. Lol so Arcane Reflection just make u 100% immune to spells even Dispel-like ones? There's a 9th level wizard spell which is basically Mordenkainen's Disjunction, but by the time I got it there weren't any mages left in the game to fight who would cast it, so I don't know. I would hope that it would overwrite the reflection bubble, but maybe not.
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