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  1. hey guys, just chiming in some thoughts on what i have played. to start, things that dont seem to be working quite right. in my experience, its pretty much exclusively UI issues, but a decent amount of them. pop up text coming up in locations that are half off screen, making them unreadable, combat interface for the included mage vibrates and tier four spells are not accessible for some reason, and a handful of typos. other than that, everything hit the mark for me. i love the graphical improvements, the game looks so much more alive now. the individual combat logs are a great small touch, as is the lore glossary for dialogue. i love that spells can be moved and that level scaling is an option. multi classing and subclasses both blew my mind! character creation took more than an hour, and i loved every minute of it! The Huana and Vailia were well fleshed out here as well, both with substantial pros and cons, as always. all in all, this little taste has me very excited for more!
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