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  1. Twin Elms side quest spoilers ahead * * * * * * * * So in Twin Elms I just did the quest with the Three Fang Stelgaer chief. Now, he wants you to steal a baby and sacrifice it so he can distill it's essence and drink it, so I'm all "aww hell naw" but I wasn't willing to fight him right then and there. Thankfully his son walks up as you're walking out and tells you you have the option to poison the chief instead, since he'll likely not know what the distilled essence looks like. I'm like, cool, that solves things, but if I were asking some random chick to sacrifice a baby to get me something to drink, I'd want to have a scout watching the baby to know that this chick actually went through with it. Naturally my plan is to take the baby to fool the spies, carry it with me as I got the poison (note to self, put labels on baby bottles during plan), then kill the chief. Well, the son is a paranoid douche who confronts me as I steal the baby, and I'm forced to kill him, but I continue with the plan. Now the chief's dead, but so is the son, and the cradle I stole the baby from isn't interact-able anymore. Now I have a baby in my backpack and I don't know where to put it. Am I just supposed to take this kid with me as I go fight dragons and ****?
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