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  1. Kreiahoodlessconcept.jpg

    At first Kreia reminded me a bit of master Arca, you know white eyes, white hair, i almost thought she was arkanian. Plus there is something i've been thinking about, the Battle Meditation, Arca knew it, there is no way of knowing if the Exile knew it before loosing his connection to the Force but that power was said to be a rare gift, yet training under Kreia the Exile can learn it. Just thinking, i'm not convinced, but it is a possibility that the Exile could learn it just because Kreia knew the technique, hard to say. Oh, oh, and there's also the ability to tame beasts! When Exar Kun went to Onderon Arca was riding a Drexl.



    Woh, she looks scary.

  2. Ye, but this is not a movie and the game was running fine until that point. Could that be a driver issue? It says my drivers are not updated, even if I have Catalyst 6.5. It also needs non-Windows Generic OpenGL 1.4.0 but those should be included in my video drivers.



    I don't care if it isnt a movie, I said that happens like my movies. It is irrealvent what you say. :blink::lol:

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