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  1. My biggest gripe with KOTOR 2 is the plot, following swiftly by character development. The plot, as far as I'm concerned, made no sense at all. It was ultimately uninteresting and seemed to have very little to do with anything Star Wars related. Hole in the Force? What? How can you have a hole in the fabric of everything that is? Starting from a terribly weak plot is never good. By comparison, KOTOR could have been made into a trilogy of very satisfying movies. The plot was epic and interesting and the characters in your party were engaging. Which brings me to character development and romance plots. The characters in KOTOR seemed fully realized. I knew who Carth was, and the romance plot available with him was emotionally satisfying. The friendships with the other characters, also interesting. Juhani had a lot to say, and building a relationship with her was a rewarding journey. Now consider KOTOR2. Bal-dur was by far the most interesting person. There could have been an extremely satisfying romance plot there, but it never happened. I've read fanfics that complete that plot perfectly, but I shouldn't really have to find someone else's vision to give me the story I'm looking for. I didn't have to with the original game. I can't even -remember- the human's name, as uninteresting as he was. Their stories seemed to go nowhere. And, indeed, the end of the game acknowledged that by tossing some summaries my way in case I happened to care about my party, but you know, it's not that important. Most of this I agree with as well. The UI hasn't been improved at all, imo. The quickbar is more annoying. Having to right click and hold on my character to access special commands is also annoying. I don't care about reused voices. But my biggest gripe with NWN2 is the same as my gripe with KOTOR2: character development and romance plots. These things matter! Why, after spending the entire game with Neeshka, am I still asking her who she is? Why am I asking her if she's a tiefling? What sense does that make to have nothing to say to someone who's been in my party for most of the game? I learn something about her past as part of the game, but what about, I dunno, a conversation about what's going on? Why doesn't she have something to say to me when Elanee leaves? Furthermore, it's very obvious that Casavir likes my character. He tells me he's distracted. But that's the extent of it. I can talk to him about Old Owl Well all I want though. Why? Why after a character says something like "I find myself seeing to your safety before everyone else's" is there no real follow up? Why doesn't HE ask ME how I'm doing after there's a big shake-up? Perhaps you folks at Obsidian need to read some good fantasy with romance elements, because you keep leaving this aspect out of your games. It's part of what makes the whole thing a fulfilling experience. And it gives you greater story possibilities. Imagine a plot where a romance develops and THEN your chosen lover betrays you. Or is taken. It's not all about hacking and slashing. It's about living a good book. And good books have characters that you care about. They have characters that you love. You all need to read some good books. Amen. You're now 0/2 Obsidian. NWN2 isn't bad, per se, but it's lacking. I feel let down by the things that aren't there which keep it from being legendary, the type of game you tell everyone you know to go get. Your games sell on the reputation of Bioware games. And when you don't deliver as good an experience, that hurts you. Do you think you could sell a KOTOR3? I'd be highly skeptical. NWN3? Maybe.
  2. Juhani. Is. A. Lesbian. Not a bisexual. Didn't you read NSS scripts? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I thought the male characters could romance her?
  3. Not only can you, it might be the only option. I haven't read spoilers and haven't finished the game yet.
  4. There've been some bounty hunters too. They kept calling me "the beautiful Jedi". Since there's no ugly Jedi around to distinguish me from, that also comes across to me like the NPC finds me beautiful in more than some objective way. It might be that there's nothing further in the game that does it. I haven't finished II yet. But those instances not so far apart from another made it seem like the universe accepts it as normal. -Magess
  5. *giggle* Well, hopefully Jesus will let the programmers live despite their sins! -Magess
  6. Yeah, that "You digust me" was way non-provocative. Don't go into diplomacy. You don't seem too upset by the Juhani plot in the first game or the fact that a bunch of women NPCs seem to think my female Exile is fiiiiiiiiiine. -Magess
  7. Wha? They're NPCs. They talk at me, I can't really imply anything to them.
  8. Hehe. It was actually all the women calling me "beautiful" in that come-on kinda way that made me think about it. It's been so long since I played the first game that I can't recall if it happened there too. -Magess
  9. And the lesbians hitting on me is... what? Aside from already in the game.
  10. So it's not that they couldn't, they just don't cause they find it icky? Feh. I'd hope that there'd be more to the discussion than what the writers find hot. Cause that lacks in... I dunno... integrity. In the same way as if you could only make white heroes, which they obviously thought about and chose to not do.
  11. Umm. No. If you read again you'll see that I'm asking why there don't appear to be any gay men in the Star Wars universe while lesbians seem to abound. I actually point out in my post that there's a lesbian romance plot in KOTOR.
  12. In playing KOTOR2 with a female exile, I've discovered a fair number of lesbians in galaxy. They call me beautiful and make other innuendos. Which makes me wonder, if you play a male exile, are there any men in the galaxy that call you handsome and vaguely hit on you? Even more, in the first game a female could romance Juhani. Yet neither game allows for a gay romance plot. Is there some word from on high that there shall be no gay men in the Star Wars universe? Just curious. -Magess
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