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  1. Once turn-based gets out of Beta, will we be able to switch an already in-progress game to turn-based, or will we have to start the game over to play the game as turn-based?
  2. Mine was shipped today via USPS! (U.S. address) I found the email in my Gmail SPAM folder. It shows exactly what you ordered and the subject was "Your order has shipped" from support@vsevil.net.
  3. Mine was shipped earlier today! I'm in the US and it was shipped US Mail with tracking. I'm glad I check my SPAM in my Gmail because that's where I found it. The Subject was: You order has shipped from support@vsevil.net
  4. I'm not sure I understand this. I backed at 199 and also the season pass i.e. $220. I am still getting the season pass so why would I want to get a refund? Or does this mean everyone gets the season pass now but I get two? edit: NVM. I see everyone gets it who backed at collectors edition now. Can I change that 20 dollars to just get something else? i.e. a mouse pad or put towards a tee-shirt instead of a refund? I'm in the exact same boat, let me (us) know what they tell you. EDIT: There wasn't anything on the portal that I needed/wanted. so I contacted them and they refunded the $
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