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  1. I came here to make this exact thread if someone hadn't already. I have to close my eyes every time a turn ends just to stop feeling sick. Otherwise I love the new mode and plan to do a full run with it.
  2. They're much better now, they start off combat with enough verses to throw out an invocation at the beginning of a fight. Been having some fun with a Skald Fighter crit fishing. Her Revenge Swept Across the Land can do a ton of damage if you hit 2-3targets.
  3. At first I thought that single class Evoker would be better for the higher power levels and spells, but it still wasn't impressing me on its own. Then I made him a nature godlike and multiclassed in Berserker, the int debuff sucks, and I can't cast some spells without worrying about my team. However the action speed reaaallly helped with the increased cast times, the might buff added more damage than power levels, and most importantly was the penetration. Biggest problem I had with wizards was a high enough armor enemy just shrugging off all my spells, the berserkers +2 penetration applies
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