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  1. Ahh! Excellent! I'm indebted to you, I didn't want to spend the rest of the day in Peragus...again... Thank you very much, I wish you good health...now, if you excuse me, I'm going to go play.
  2. It was on the station...it went like this, I went over to the Ithorians and completed their first two quests, with the Exchange and what-not...after that, they asked me to find incriminating evidence on Czerka, suggesting I paid a visit to the employee in the cantina, who told me to get B-4D4 to enter the mainframe. So I went over to the technician with the credentials, got them from him and proceeded to the Czerka building...there, I showed them to B-4D4. When I did, my party was still complete. After showing him the credentials and telling him to follow me, I showed up at the Ithorian compou
  3. Thanks for replying...unfortunatedly, none of those were the case, I can't even toggle Solo on or off (implying I HAVE no party to begin with) , nor can I find them on the Character screens...at least now I can learn Pazaak... Anything else? I have the feeling I MIGHT have to replay the game...
  4. Hello all, this is my first post, and regrettably, not a happy one, I have a problem... After completing the Ithorian's Czerka quest, I find that Atton and Kreia are missing, and nowhere to be found! Anyone have anythougts? This is my first time playing KoTOR, so, just in case, please watch for spoilers. Since I'm asking questions already, how do I play, or at the very least learn to play pazaak?
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