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  1. Same here. The latest update blocks loading saves due to missing LAXH and LAXI.
  2. For those having the same problem, I rolled back to the previous Windows build which resolved the issue. I hope this gets patched soon.
  3. Hi, I updated my windows yesterday and since then when launching the game I am getting a transparent/black screen and cannot see the main menu. I can hear the sound and see the cursor but nothing else. I have tried verifying game files with steam. Starting without steam overlay. Updating my Nvidia drivers. Restarting the computer. Deleting registry files related to deadfire. Turning down the resolution to the next highest value. Trying the alt+enter combination to go to windowed/full screen. Starting the game from the executable instead of steam. None of the above worked for me. I am attaching the output_log and dxdiag dump. Any help is appreciated. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
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